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Dr Bertelé’s activities are based at the rehabilitation centre (Centro di riabilitazione Gino Rigamonti Onlus, Via San Marcellino 25, 23087 Merate, Provincia di Lecco, Italy. Tel/Fax: +39 39 9920076).

The centre, surrounded by the hills of Brianza, extends over a surface area of 1,200 square metres, with rooms for doctors and physiotherapists, a large gym, a covered 50 square metre swimming pool with hot water at 37°C, a sauna and a treatment pool,.

All treatments of the Bertelé method are individual, with one or more therapists, weekly, fortnightly, or once a month. The treatments can be given in the Merate Rehabilitation Centre, or in the rooms of doctors and physiotherapists who have studied the Bertelé method.

The secretary of the Rehabilitation centre can provide the names and telephone numbers of therapists in various Italian cities and provinces.

For patients who already had Bertelé treatments, the centre also organizes ‘intensive’ therapy weeks in which the patient usually receives one Bertelé treatment a day, with two, three or more therapists, as prescribed by Dr Bertelé.
During the week there are always, before and after the treatments, listening to prepared music, and participation in other methods of education in body perception.

Special weeks are organized for adolescents with scoliosis in which, associated with the treatments, there are dancing and theatre activities directed by professionals.

The intensive and adolescent weeks take place either in the Merate Rehabilitation centre or in hotels in tourist locations. The patients will be given full information by their therapists about the intensive weeks programme, including cost, travel and hotel booking, and registration form.

By appointment, in addition to Bertelé treatments, the following individual treatments are offered:

1. Psychomotor therapy
2. Feldenkrais Method
3. Alexander method
4. Osteopathy
5. Lymphatic water drainage (according to the Vodder method)
6. Shatsu
7. Watsu
8. Rohmert Voice function method
9. Relaxing massage
10. Classic massage
11. Ayurvedic Massage
12. Plantar Reflexology
13. Metamorphic technique

In addition the following Group sessions are offered:
1. Psychomotor therapy
2. Feldenkrais Method
3. Watsu
4. Rohmert Voice function method



For more info:

by fax num. 039-9920076

by e-mail:

by mail:
Dott.ssa Laura Bertelè
Via San Marcellino 25
23807 Merate (LC)


Bertelé method sessions
Dr. Laura Bertelé and Dr. Cristina Triscali:
call the secretary of the centre:

Bertelé treatments
call the therapists who work in the centre:

Bonfrisco Emanuele 039-2100527
Castoldi Luca 347-1797486
Savaresi Iris 338-4936610

Visual re-education of ocular motility in relation to posture

Poma Angela 338-3191600

Perceptive education
Mantuano Stefania 347-1311488